About Us

Let me introduce myself: I'm Alberto, a VDS pilot with a lot of passion for flying.

As a young man I could not develop the passion for flying as I would have liked. Life then went in another direction, until its route led me to meet the never dormant and never extinguished passion for flying.

At the dawn of 50 - the age of change for every man - I decided to take a flight course, earning the VDS certificate.

Immediately, however, I realized that the web did not provide adequate means to those who, like me, were looking for a second-hand aircraft.

I thought that looking for an airplane, in my case used, was a simple thing and comparable to looking for a car. Unfortunately I was wrong, I came across advertisements for aircraft already sold over and over again, in sites with thousands of aircraft of all kinds, but with advertisements that were old and never deleted for years.

Not to mention the search for airfields.

Which one had the right characteristics? Track length, fuel, restaurant, overnight stay, swimming pool etc.

From these difficulties, the idea of creating a website related to this sector and its services was born.

My hope is that QNHFLY can be the tool to find solutions to the aforementioned problems in a simple, usable and comprehensive way and that it is an incentive to the wonderful world of aviation tourism.