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Aviation Theme Park

The Aviation Theme Park, inaugurated in 1995, with 80,000 square meters of exhibition space and over 40 aircraft on display is the largest such structure in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.

Its particular location, built on a hilly slope and surrounded by greenery (over the last year more than 300 new trees have been planted), makes it pleasant to visit in all seasons.

Volandia - Park and Museum of Flight

The museum is divided into seven areas: forms of flight, fixed wing, rotary wing, space pavilion, drones, model aircrafts and baby volandia. It narrates the epic tale of aeronautics in all its forms, from the pioneering flights of the beginning of the 20th century, up to the futuristic convertiplane, from hot-air balloons to the conquest of space along over 2 km of exhibition.

Volandia is "Park and Museum", with several zones – both indoor and outdoor – for the kids and for all the children hidden inside us: flight simulators, planetarium, aircraft models, Ogliari section, library, movies, bar, restaurant and a rich Volandia Store.

Aldo Rossini Military History Museum

Senator Aldo Rossini decided to create the museum near a sacred place (Convent of San Nazzaro) to symbolically give spiritual "peace", through the preservation of innumerable relics, to all those who suffered the atrocities of war.

Jonathan Collection Foundation

The Foundation "Jonathan Collection - Famous Historic Aircrafts - O.N.L.U.S." is a young organization set up with the aim of spreading the historical memory of aviation and promoting the activity of flying as a historical and social value.

Among the objectives of our organization is the maintenance of the historical aeronautical heritage and, for this reason, we are proud to be able to show our vintage aircraft in flight which are housed within a precious structure unique in the world: the Bessoneau hangar Type H, the last original World War I example to be used in this function.

Castle of San Pelagius

In San Pelagio Grandma Bianca arrived with the four-in-hand. Today more than a century has passed and many things have changed. The large rooms, once inhabited, have been filled with precious models of flying machines, historic uniforms, aeronautical memorabilia, to tell the story of flight and Gabriele d'Annunzio's raid on Vienna, which started right from here ...

Civic Museum of the Armed Forces 1914 - 45

Thousands of memorabilia can be seen at the Museum which tell the story of the two World Wars from different perspectives. The Aeronautical and Marine Halls are thematic and tell the story of these two Arms and the link to the Territory.

Augusta Museum

The name Agusta appears since the beginning of the history of aviation. Giovanni Agusta, born in Parma in 1879, already at the beginning of the last century was more than a fan of flying.

In 1907 he designed and built his first aircraft, the AG-1, a biplane glider that made its first flight over the parade ground in Capua, towed by a car and whose development continued until 1911.

Gianni Caproni Air Force Museum

The Aeronautical Museum of Trento, founded by the Trentino aviation pioneer Gianni Caproni, collects and exhibits a collection of original historic aircraft of global importance.

Historical Aeronautical Museum

The love of history. the passion for flying and above all the pride of belonging to a prestigious Arma are the spirit of this exhibition. Within these walls, a unique collection of its kind, which can boast the presence of hundreds of original and in some cases unique pieces, guides you on the wings of history.

From the birth of the Regia Aeronautica to today, a succession of uniforms, overalls, flight equipment that make the imaginations of the little ones soar and move those who have seen them parade.

Now... you just have to enter, equipped with a pinch of romance and follow the path we propose.

Leonardo Aeronautical Industry Museum

The Leonardo Aeronautical Industry Museum houses some of the company's most significant productions: from aircraft built in wood and with canvas covered wing surfaces, to those produced in carbon fiber and titanium, with sophisticated navigation and mission, up to the innovative remotely piloted aircraft.


The Historical Museum of the Air Force is located in Vigna di Valle on the lake between Bracciano and Anguillara Sabazia.

Managed directly by the Air Force, it occupies the structures that were, until 1945, the Experimental Center for seaplanes and naval armament.

The museum, in addition to the aircraft and engines that represent the evolution of aeronautics in Italy, preserves important collections regarding photographic equipment, radioelectric equipment, weapons, individual and collective on-board equipment.

It is also possible to admire numerous objects and memorabilia related to aeronautics.


The museum of Castel Del Rio

Among the richest in Emilia Romagna in terms of number of owned artefacts and original documents, the war museum of Castel del Rio was founded in 1978 by the will of ordinary people. Over two thousand pieces, rigorously catalogued, are exhibited on the second floor of Palazzo Alidosi.


Francesco Baracca

was born in Lugo on 9 May 1888. Cavalry officer and flight pioneer, he was the main ace of Italian aviation during the Great War.

RAF Romagna Air Finders

The “Romagna Air Finders” association

It was established with a regular notarial deed on 8 November 2001 in Lugo (Ravenna) at the Municipal Residence. The association was formed by a group of people moved by a common spirit of volunteering, for the search and recovery of World War II aircraft and for human pity for their pilots and crews.

Frecce Tricolori Museum

The museum tells the story of the National Acrobatic Patrol; A photo album to browse. The images bear witness to over half a century of activity by the Frecce Tricolori.

The first aircraft adopted, the prestigious F-86; the glorious G-91 replaced in 1982 with the Italian-designed and built Aermacchi Mb-339 that has accompanied the Frecce Tricolori for over 30 years.

Army Aviation Museum Hall

The AVES museum area is located inside the "Dante Chelotti" barracks in Viterbo, headquarters of the Army Aviation Training Center, includes an external green area that houses some historic aircraft and a guided tour through 5 main rooms and three thematic spots, whose access corridor is set up like the interior of a CH-47 helicopter so as to immediately project the visitor into the reality of flight.

Assi Air Force Museum

The journey begins immediately along the corridor that leads to the heart of the museum: the permanent exhibition on General Umberto Nobile leads the observer into the intricacies of a fascinating and engaging story, enriched by memorabilia from the exhibition on the 150 years of United Italy and by exhibits of the exhibition dedicated to the local peasant civilization to which the exhibition on General Nobile physically connects in the (very successful) attempt to create a unicum not only temporal but also physical, preparing the eyes of the user for a heterogeneous work that embraces local and global , stories of pilots and citizens.

La Tratta Museum - Archaeologists of the Air ADA

Local history, military history and aeronautical archeology thus merge within the walls of the farmhouse, guiding the visitor on a journey back in time that tells the story of the production cycle of wheat, wine, hemp and the everyday life of a society agricultural now disappeared; next to it, historical testimonies related to the events of World War II are exhibited, which allow you to relive the dramatic climate as well as to appreciate the ingenuity of those who knew how to reuse, in the immediate post-war period, objects and war materials to obtain objects necessary for daily use and to learn about aeronautical technology and to relive the stories of the pilots and planes that fell in the countryside and beyond and were rediscovered thanks to the passion and tenacity of the AdA association - Archaeologists of the Air APS

Historical Aeronautical Museum of Friuli Venezia Giulia

The museum of aeronautical technology in Fiume Veneto. Call to arrange the date and time of the visit, Via Pontebbana, 50, Province of Pordenone

IHAP Italian Historical Aircraft Preservation

IHAP Italian Historical Aircrafts Preservation is a non-profit site whose sole purpose is to register and follow up on discontinued aircraft distributed throughout the country. Anyone wishing to collaborate with updates can do so by writing to the institutional email. The watermark on the photos is placed for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the owners of the images full possession of the


A chapter of Santorestese history that constitutes a small and incredible piece of the greatest mosaic in the history of Italy in the twentieth century: from the protected workshops of the Duce, to the secret headquarters of the Nazi troops of Field Marshal Albert Kesselring, up to the most recent anti-atomic shelters of the Italian government built during the Cold War period: over 4 km of tunnels that have only recently been handed over to civilians.



The seaplane base was established in 1915 as a base for seaplanes

After the end of the war the airport was mainly used by Gabriele D'Annunzio, who made it a stable base for the Alcione, nickname assigned to the writer's Savoia-Marchetti S.59,
which was piloted by the pilot lieutenant Daniele Minciotti flanked by the engineer Lorenzo Malfatti.

The idroscalo is open to the public only on certain occasion, to stay informed on all events and openings, follow the facebook page

Museum of Science and Technology of Milan

Not many know that Milan and Lombardy have been the scene of great experiments in the aeronautical field, since the beginning of flight.

Already in 1784 Paolo Andreani carried out a balloon flight - second only to that of the Montgolfier brothers - then in 1877 Enrico Forlanini presented the first motorized machinery in the world capable of lifting itself - a small experimental helicopter which would open the doors to a new way of navigate in the air.