Manufacturer Info

Company: Alpi Aviation Srl
Country: ITALY
Phone: +39 0434 370496
Built Aircrafts:
  • Ultralight Aircraft
  • Ultralight Helicopters


Since 1999 Alpi Aviation is a reference for those who want to approach the flight in an accessible, quality, safe and entertaining way. Success for Alpi Aviation is the pleasure of flying that is able to deliver to its customers, a pleasure that derives from the ability to transform a hobby into a profession, from a deep passion for flying and from the same “pioneering” spirit of the founding fathers of international aviation.

That’s why, when first model, Pioneer 300, was manufactured back in 1999, our dream became reality and finally it could be shared with all true flight enthusiasts, our friends, our family.

Headquarter and main facility are in Pordenone, close to LIKL “La Comina” Airfield, strategically located in the north-east part of Italy, only few kilometers far from Venice. Our main subsidiary is in Croatia and is devoted to wooden parts construction and aircraft initial assembly. An international team of young, talented, skilled, motivated and positive people works every day continuously looking for safety improvements and innovative designs.

Moreover, thanks to our sales network of enthusiastic resellers, more than 1000 aircraft, with thousands flight hours logged, have been sold in 31 countries.

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